Some GOAP for the actors

I have once again tired of my old projects. I am more experienced and have found new toys that I wanted to play with. This time I'm going for a smaller scope, but of course it will spiral out of hand as it always does. This time I'll add GOAP (Goal oriented action planning) to my toolbox.

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Service oriented data driven game system

I am humble. My misconception is common knowledge, but it's easy to be fooled and drawn in by the beautiful pixels. It has has been an iterative process to arrive at this state of mind. The more I rebuilt and changed my engines, the more I realized how important the data was. Now, the system is much more about managing and distributing data to specific parts, than to render and shade triangles. The triangles are but a possible presentation of the simulation.

There is nothing but data. A game is just a system, simulating and mutating data. It's easy to fantasize in polygons since it represents a world we are familiar with. Data is a bit more abstract and dry. The conclusion is that games are subject to the same rules about data as a word processor or a case management system.

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Seamless local and multiplayer, Part 1

George wants to travel the unknown universe of the internet, but sometimes he just wants to be simulated on his warm and safe localhost. Let's help George achieve his goals!

While working on multiplayer, I have stumbled over some scenarios that I havn't been thinking about before. Those have led me to change my architecture and probably cleaned up a lot of how parts in my engine connects.

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I give up!

So, I've been plugging away at an near infinate first person experience. Chipping of the task, reworking the generation, handling of vertices, adding actors, cities and so on. And it feels like an neverending story. And right now, it probabaly is. So I'm done, I'm giving up. Delivering a first person experience is pretty taxing. You have to generate a landscape that evokes emotions at every corner and a landscape that's mostly feel fresh. How is mine right now? Semi-interesting, but mostly barren. And it feel very incomplete. There's so much I need to do to get it done. This project needs to go on a long pause.

But, I'm cloning it. Taking with me all the good stuff and remodelling it as a top down strategic game instead. For that, the environment generation is good enough. I don't need to satisfy and invoke curiosity over a long view distance, just a small section of it.

So, nothing have been in vain. I have learned and evolved my understanding of games and environments and I take a step back until I have enough time to deliver and build what needs to be built.

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